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Wriggle & Crawl

EYFS, KS1. Early Years, First Stage. 

Ages 2 - 5

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: Wriggle and Crawl is a fun, exercise based workshop designed to get young children active! Hop like a frog and join the Millipede Conga!

Children are encouraged to act out being specific animals while at the same time gaining knowledge of basic scientific principles - all while having fun!


Learning Outcomes

  • All children will observe the animals and how they move.

  • Most children will imitate the actions of the animals.

  • Some children will be able to explain how the different animals move.

You'll get to meet some of these animals:

Free Printable Resources with every workshop

Free printable educational resource pack
Free printable educational resource pack

"The children all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. They were all shouting for more. Our EYFS team had the most amazing and enjoyable experience with ZooLab.”

Morpeth Stobhillgate First School


Why learn through play?

UNICEF states that “play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills”. This is particularly important during the Early Years/ EYFS stage where play is one of the main ways children learn, particularly while with their peers.

The benefits of learning through play does not stop at increasing knowledge of the subject area - play encourages creativity, enhances fine motor skills, increases attention span, nurtures imagination and helps to make sense of the world.

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

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Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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Meet the gang!
A little girl sits crosslegged whilst surrounded by ZooLab's animal characters

Our ZooLab characters are excited to meet you!

Meet the animals
Giant African land snail

Get in the know before getting up-close and hands-on

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Whites tree frog
Meet the Rangers

We've got the best bunch! Which Ranger will visit you?

ZooLab Ranger Eleanor
ZooLab Ranger Domanique
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