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KS 3. KS4. Third, Fourth Stage.

Ages 11 - 16

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: This workshop talks about the variety of life on the planet - looking at biodiversity from around the world. What will happen if we disturb the balance of nature?

Nature is a carefully balanced ecosystem which supports a wide variety of life through its biodiversity.


We also look at the Rainforest, and highlight the diversity of arachnids, insects and amphibians.


Learning Outcomes

  • All children will be able to define ‘biodiversity’.

  • All children will be able to name some elements that aid biodiversity.

  • Most children will understand how some animals help promote biodiversity.

  • Some children will be able to explain the importance of biodiversity.

  • Some children will be able to identify the human impact on biodiversity.

You'll get to meet some of these animals:

Coming Autumn 2025:

Free pre-lesson resources and teaching packs!

Free printable educational resource pack
Free printable educational resource pack

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity describes the variety of animal and plant life found within a habitat.

Biodiversity helps our ecosystems function – it ensures we stay healthy by having clean air, water and pollinating plants. 


Without biodiversity there is no humanity and species would become extinct.

Whilst biodiversity helps our economy, providing consumables and raw materials, human actions have had a negative impact on biodiversity.

Over farming, damaging habitats and wiping out species impact climate change; we need to work together to reduce our impact and protect our biodiversity.

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Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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