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Baby Show & Tell

Hero image for Baby Show & Tell featuring a child crawling next to a White's Tree Frog

Ages 0 - 2.

DURATION: 20 mins - 30 mins

OVERVIEW: ZooLab’s Baby Show and Tell experience is an additional 20 - 30 minute workshop designed to stimulate the senses and help your 0 - 2s develop.


We use ZooLab animals, actions, songs/rhymes and puppetry as a powerful and unique bonding activity between parents, carers and children. This aids learning and helps language, physical, social and emotional development.

Key Workshop Objectives:

  • Engage and entertain with animals, puppetry, song and rhyme.

  • Aid language development.

  • Develop a strong parent/child bond through play.

Animals often used in this workshop:

LOW BG.jpg
LOW BG.jpg
LOW BG.jpg
LOW SNAIL copy.png
LOW BG.jpg
LOW FROG copy.png
LOW BG.jpg
LOW SNAKE] copy.png
LOW BG.jpg
LOW BG.jpg
LOW RAT copy.png
LOW BG.jpg


Animal requests will be accommodated where possible. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee attendance.

A large group of children jumping from excitement
White's tree frog

Why learn through play?

UNICEF states that “play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills”. This is particularly important during the Early Years/ EYFS stage where play is one of the main ways children learn, particularly while with their peers.

The benefits of learning through play does not stop at increasing knowledge of the subject area - play encourages creativity, enhances fine motor skills, increases attention span, nurtures imagination and helps to make sense of the world.

Ranger Phil entertains the crowd with a corn snake

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Girl jumping for joy with arms outstretched, holding a backpack
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