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Benjamin Trimm

ZooLab Ranger

Benjamin joined ZooLab in 2023 and works in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Licence Number: 000007906

Experience: Ben has worked as a zoo keeper at a college which provides animal based courses. He was head of the small mammals section looking after common pet species, alongside more exotic animals such as skunk and meerkats. Part of his job was to teach students how to carry out correct animal husbandry.

About: Ben has worked with a variety of animals in the past, including a range of farm animals, birds, reptiles amphibians and invertebrates!

“My favourite animal in my ZooLab collection is the African land snail as it always gets a positive reaction from the audience and acts as a great tool to teach people about the importance of detritivores.”

Interesting Fact: Ben is a certified marine mammal medic, meaning that if a marine mammal is spotted in an unusual or dangerous position, such as a stranding, he is able to assist in their rescue.

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