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Emily Lethbridge

ZooLab Ranger

Emily joined ZooLab in 2022 and works in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


Licence Number: 401130

Experience: Emily has a BSc Zoology degree and gained hands on experience whilst at uni though volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries. She also used to be a rock climbing instructor, so has got teaching experience working with people of all ages!

About: "I love working for ZooLab because it's the best of both worlds! Teaching AND animals. I love that it's all about education, spreading the word about the importance of these animals and how we can protect them is something I'm very passionate about. I also, love visiting care homes because I used to do care work.

My favourite ZooLab animals are the snails. Their eyes droop when they are happy and I think it's really cute."

Interesting Fact: Aside from being a ZooLab presenter and a rock climber, Emily is also an artist! Her favourite subject to paint is wildlife and pets portraits. We can't wait to see some of her ZooLab animals featuring in her next painting!

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