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Emily Lewis

ZooLab Ranger

Emily joined ZooLab in 2022 and works in Loughton and surrounding areas.


Licence Number: LN/000005641

Experience: Before ZooLab Emily studied towards a life working with animals! In college, she gained a higher national diploma in Animal Management and in University, a BSc (HONS) degree in Zoology. She has also done conservation work in Tenerife and South Africa.


About: I really appreciate the opportunity to work with incredible animals every day. I also really enjoy seeing people's faces light up and inspiring the next generations about how important wildlife and conservation are.


 My favourite ZooLab animal would have to be my corn snake - Korn!


He's a rescue snake; unfortunately, his body is quite misshapen, due to incorrect care given by his previous owners. This doesn't hold him back - he is super friendly and very inquisitive.

Children often ask why he looks the way he does, which helps raise the children's awareness about the importance of animal care, welfare and rescue." 

Interesting Fact: Emily is also a concert queen and has seen over 150 bands live! Rock On!

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