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Hannah Richards

ZooLab Ranger

Hannah joined ZooLab in 2022 and works in Berkshire and surrounding areas.


Licence Number: 22/00575/LWG Experience: Hannah studied at Reading University – earning a BSc in Zoology and a MSc in Ecology and Wildlife. Since then she’s worked with Cotswold Wildlife Park and conducted ecological research on British bats!


About: “I love everything about working with ZooLab - it's so hard to pick just one thing! I feel very privileged to be doing something I find so enjoyable. I love caring for all the amazing animals, but I think the thing I have found most rewarding is the joy those animals bring to other people - always makes me smile when I hear "the ZooLab lady's here!!" from the kids as I'm walking through a school. 


I think my favourite animal have got to be the rats - they are so intelligent and entertaining to interact with.”


Interesting Fact: Hannah has a insta-famous horse! Together they we do clicker training and tackless riding - he knows lots of cool tricks. She uses the platform to discuss and advocate for more ethical riding and husbandry practices.

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