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Lottie McPhillips

ZooLab Ranger

Lottie joined ZooLab in 2021 and works in Slough and the surrounding areas.


Licence Number: 21/00467/ANIMAL

Experience: Lottie has a BSc and MSc in Animal Behaviour and Conservation and previously worked in zoos. She also has experience working as a SEN teaching assistant in a primary school.

About: “I love teaching people about these lovely animals, how to care for them properly, why they're important and how to protect our world. They really are so amazing, I've always been an animal lover so being able to do this every day is a dream come true!

My favourite ZooLab animal is Bullseye the Giant African Land Snail! He's so slimey and cute and always a hit with the kids!"

Interesting Fact: Lottie volunteers for the Advancing Husbandry groups on Facebook in her spare time, helping people improve their reptile keeping, creating helpful graphics and answering questions while researching the newest, best ways to care for animals.

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