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Okan Fahri

ZooLab Ranger

Okan joined ZooLab in 2023 and works in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Licence Number: 23/02880/ANEST

Experience: Saddle up! Okan is comfortable with animals of all sizes - he used to work as a horse riding instructor. He's always had lots of pets of all sizes and welcomed his ZooLab mini-zoo menagerie with open arms!

About: “I've always worked with animals, so ZooLab lets me share my passion with the next generation.

My favourite ZooLab animal is my corn snake, Ruben. He loves attention and being handled. He also has a fondness for taking long baths!"

Interesting Fact: Okan doesn't have to worry about getting lonely - he shares his home with over 65 animals!

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