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10 Fun Facts About Greek Animals

Following the success of our 10 Fun Facts About Australian Animals, we are continuing our series to learn more about animals throughout the world. Let us know in the comments where you would like us to visit next.

1) Did you know that the national animal of Greece is the common dolphin?

Visiting Greece? The waters around Paxos and Antipaxos isles and the Inner Ionian are two of the best places to spot dolphins

2) Greece is a heaven for birdwatchers

It's home to over 400 bird species including red-footed falcons, spoonbills and flamingos.

3) The endangered Milos viper is endemic to the Greek islands

It is thought that there are only 3,000 individuals left residing in Milos, Kimolos, Polyegos and Sifnos, with the majority living on Milos.

4) Tetragnatha spiders take over Aitoliko with huge webs

Webs cover trees and boats in Aitoliko’s lagoon to catch Tetragnatha spiders's favourite meal - mosquitoes (see photos),

5) Lions really did roam ancient Greece

Lions play a prominent role in Greek mythology and the stories of Hercules. However it has always been greatly debated whether lions did roam ancient Greece. In 1978, a pair of zooarchaeologists found a lion heel bone during an excavation of Tiryns.

6) Dangerous in the water

The small red scorpionfish can be spotted around the subtropical waters of Greece. With venomous spines on the dorsal fin, meeting this fish can turn extremely painful.

7) Like Australia, Greece is also home to an invasive amphibian

The American bullfrog is an invasive species in Lake Agia, Crete. The species has caused a local displacement of Cretan frog populations and has no natural predators causing numbers to rise.

8) Home to the largest species of Cicada in Europe

Cicadas are known as Tzitzikas in Greece. Tibicen plebejus, the largest in tzitzika in Europe can grow up to 5cm

9) Feisty feline friends

Aegean cats originated from the Cycladic Islands and is the only native species of cat in Greece. They are clever, energetic and keen fishers.

10) A lizard with a great defence mechanism

The Greek rock lizard (endemic to the south of the country) spits acid at predators that get to close.

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