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  • Hannah at ZooLab

10 Lizard Facts for World Lizard Day

Happy World Lizard Day! We love our scaly teammates, and many of you do too.

However, those in the wild need a bit of support. Climate change is considered a higher threat to cold-blooded animals - scientists believe that if we continue at the same trajectory, we could lose 20% of lizard species by 2080.

We believe that awareness and creating interest in these creatures is the first step to encouraging change. Below are 10 Lizard Facts for World Lizard Day.

1) The Basilisk is not just a mythical creature in the world of Harry Potter - they exist in real life! They don't inhabit the chamber of secrets; however, they have a rather magical ability. They can run on water! Running at high speed, scaly fringes on their toes enable this lizard to run across the water surface temporarily.