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Natureman Talks Unusual Inverts

Who is Natureman?

Meet Nature Man – Chris Knowles. He has travelled to every continent (bar the poles!) in search for the world’s most incredible wildlife and habitats.

He’s been stalked by lions, survived malaria, swam with sharks, squeezed into a bat cave, sat on a scorpion and savaged by a lemur! You name an animal and there is a good chance he’s spotted it, photographed it and studied it in great detail!

Now over to Chris.

Let's talk unusual animals

I'm asked often about the most unusual animal I've ever seen. There have been many! From the mysteries of octopuses to the wonders of leaf insects, there have been a few animal encounters over the years that have stood out to me as being really unusual or have caught me by surprise.

Invertebrates will dominate this list, as they have the greatest diversity in the animal kingdom.