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  • Chris Knowles

Natureman talks Rainforests

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Who is Natureman?

Meet Nature Man – Chris Knowles. He has travelled to every continent (but not the poles!) in search of the world’s most incredible wildlife and habitats.

He’s been stalked by lions, survived malaria, swam with sharks, squeezed into a bat cave, sat on a scorpion and been savaged by a lemur! You name an animal and there is a good chance he’s spotted it, photographed it and studied it in great detail!

Chris has spent more than a year of his life living in rainforests all over the world. Who better to teach pupils about Rainforests, nature and habitats. He enjoys passing on some of the more interesting stories about his adventures during workshops!

Now over to Chris.

Let's talk Rainforests

I have been lucky to travel all over the world and visit some of the Earth's most biologically diverse hotspots; places where the forms of animals know no bounds. Yes, I'm talking about Rainforests!

What draws me to these special places? Well, it's th