A Day in the Life: A ZooLab Rat in Training

Hello, my name is Beatrice

But everyone calls me Bea or Beanut. I am 4 months old and training to become a ZooLab rat.

I stay with my human mum and trainer Lauren in Kent, where I live a spoiled life with 4 other rats.


Daisy is boss rat and she is 2 years old.

When I'm being naughty she tells me off!

She loves all of the attention she gets from children and is very cheeky.


Honey is the same age as me and we grew up together.

Honey is very snuggly but is a bit jumpy so she comes along to ZooLab workshops as a companion mostly.


Tauriel is 13 weeks old. She's next in line to be trained as a ZooLab rat!

She's very cheeky and always wants to play!