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Kids Virtual COP 2021: Everything You Need To Know!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

What is Kids Climate COP 21?

Trust for Sustainable Living and ZooLab have partnered to present Kids Climate COP 2021. On 5th November, a diverse group of students from all over the world will debate the issues and solutions to share with 'World Leaders' to address the climate crisis in this topical Facebook Live event linked with this year’s Climate COP 26.

The students have been working together in small groups to become experts in an area related to climate change. They have prepared a short proposal to the judges and afterwards, we all enter a discussion to put together a climate action plan.

Meet the Teams!


Tharana (Japan), Rahil (UK) and Jingxin (Malaysia).


Sara (UK), Darvyn (United Arab Emirates), Gabrielle (Philippines) and Nestora (Greece).


Anveshika (India), Anam (UK) and Eleni (Greece).

Food and Farming

Kayzen (Maylasia), Thara (Seychelles) and Connor (UK).


Noela (Seychelles), Chino (Phillipines), Dominika (Russia) and Khadija (UK).

Social Justice

Chyavan (Qatar), Rebecca (Greece) and Dhanaya (UK).


Lelentle (South Africa), Naaish (Maldives) and Noah (UK).

Business & Finance

Ziana (UAE), Nguyen (Vietnam), Musa (UK) and Moyosore (Nigeria).

Our 'World Leaders'!

Our 'World Leaders' are real life sustainability and climate experts, who will be acting as our judges. Facilitators - ZooLab's Georgie and Trust for Sustainable Livings, Kirsty - will welcome Archie Crofton, digital content creator and science communicator at AimHi; Dr Barry Murrer, Chair of TSL Trustees and distinguished industrial scientist; John Paul Jose is a climate activist from Kerala, India and Tobi Ade-Odiachi, an engineer with a specialist interest in sustainable development of systems.

How to Watch!

Head over to the ZooLab or Trust for Sustainable Living Facebook page at 9am BST to watch live.

This will be followed by a free live Climate and Nature Lesson (12pm BST) hosted by TSL and ZooLab to learn more about some of the species and ecosystems effected by climate change and explore some potential solutions.


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