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Speaking Your Rabbits Language

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Rabbits have fantastic personalities and are very good at communicating their moods through body language in various ways. In particular, with the use of their ears. Rabbit ears are not just for hearing , they are also used to express mood - not many people are aware of this. We wanted to share with you some tips of what your pet rabbit could be feeling through their body language. Even if you don't have a bunny, we hope that you enjoy our photos of our Rangers cute rabbits.

Here are a few signs of your rabbits mood:


Ears leaning backwards at about a 45° angle - this can usually be observed when your rabbit is laying or sitting down comfortably.



The rabbits ears will point directly upwards and will turn to listen carefully. The posture of the rabbit will be them usually sitting upright or on back paws ready to move quickly if they need to. Some rabbits will do what is called 'helicopter ears' where one ear is down and the other is upwards (picture 1).