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ZooLab Storytelling For All Year Round!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Why learn through storytelling?

Using storytelling as a teaching mechanism involves structuring learning around a narrative. It helps children (and adults) make sense of issues and topics by engaging them in a story, making facts easier to remember and participants more open to learning. The benefits of learning through storytelling does not stop at increasing knowledge of the subject area - storytelling encourages creativity, expands vocabulary, increases attention span and helps to reinforce morals.


ZooLab stories for all year round!


Jane's Easter Egg - This egg-citing Easter egg-stravaganza follows Jane on a chocolate egg hunt. Along the way, she spies a series of eggs - could they be her chocolate egg prize?

Naturetown - This rhyming adventure follows the eco warriors of Naturetown in a crusade to help their local wildlife. We investigate issues of plastic pollution, deforestation and litter; teaching us about alternatives and what we can do to protect and care for our animal neighbours.

Morpho the Munching Millipede - This active-learning workshop follows ‘Morpho the Munching Millipede’ as he travels through a week-long adventure, meeting a variety of exciting and awe-inspiring ZooLab animals.


The Zagaro - The Zagaro, based on a famous children's story, takes us on a trip through the deep, dark wood. We bring this classic tale to life, adding an extra dimension and sense of excitement through our live animal interaction.

Speedy the Snail - ​We follow Speedy the Snail’s journey through the jungle and across a number of habitats. They also get to be up-close and hands-on with some ZooLab animals getting to compare the senses and textures and think about how different animals are adapted to different environments.


The Zoo on the Broom - This Halloween, join ZooLab on a rhyming story adventure based on a well known children's classic! Follow our friendly witch Zog on her broomstick ride through towns, forests and bog. Along the way, her broom starts to resemble a zoo! Our helpful and kind witch offers a ride to a selection of amazing animal hitchhikers, who the children will get to meet! However - it's not all plain sailing. Will Zog’s journey end with a bump?!

We’re Going On An Animal Hunt! - This story-based workshop based on a classic children’s book takes children on a fantastic animal hunt! Their ZooLab presenter will take them through grass, a river, mud, a forest and a snowstorm before coming face to face with an array of amazing ZooLab animals! Using animals, songs and rhymes helps promote language, physical, social and emotional development.


Zola the Kind-hearted Elf - Join Zola the Elf on a wonderful Christmas adventure as we help her deliver presents to children all over the world. From Africa, to India and through America via Australia, we encounter a variety of fascinating creatures along the way! This is a special, festive workshop that focuses on the themes of selflessness, kindness, friendship and fun. Perfect for an end of term treat!

Ben In The Glen - Follow Ben through his home in the glen as he explores the changes and wildlife of the seasons and learn how he records his findings in his nature book. Meet some ZooLab animals linked with the seasons along the way.

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