Let's Talk About: November

Welcome to our new team member!

Meet Abbie, ZooLab’s new Worthing Ranger. She started training October 2019.

“I love being able to disprove previous misconceptions/fears of animals - it is so rewarding seeing people's faces when they realise an animal isn't actually scary.”

Interesting Fact - Abbie once trained a chicken to complete an obstacle course!

Welcome to our new animal team mates!

Saoirse has just made her ZooLab debut last week with Ranger Lauren!

Meet Sweetpea and Omelet, Becky's new spur-thighed tortoise and royal python.

We hope you can see Anna's new GAL, Gary - he is quite small!

A few new additions who are not ZooLab team members (yet!) - meet Ella's 6 week old rat babies and Coal, Jessica's new corn snake.