Get up-close with our face-to-face workshops!

Our  fun, interactive workshops allow pupils to interact with our human experts and their animal team.

The early educational development of a child is a crucial phase where they discover the world through play and hands on learning.


ZooLab workshops provide children with a rich variety of play activities and learning experiences in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment under the supervision and guidance of our expert ZooLab presenter. 

All our workshops include FREE PRINTABLE RESOURCES

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ZooLab Workshops of the Month

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Meg and Mog

EYFS, KS1; Early Years, First Stage. 
Ages 4 - 7

OVERVIEW: A story-based active-learning workshop helps children develop independent thought processes as we follow an apprentice witch/wizard under the instruction of the famous Meg!


They are in charge of magic-ing up a spread of tasty sweet treats for trick-or-treaters, however the spells don't quite go to plan... instead of toffee apples and chocolate frogs, exotic creatures are conjured in their place.

"Learning through storytelling sparks student interest by making material memorable, overcoming student anxiety, and building a rapport in the classroom."

Age 4 - 7

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Animal Stress Buster

KS 1, 2, 3, 4. First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage.

Ages 5 - 14

OVERVIEW: Life is stressful. Which is why we’ve created an animal therapy session with mindfulness at its core.


What advice can our animal teammates give you - meet the master of spider diagrams and a true survivor (just like you at the end of the exam session), while learning about self care.


Our ethical hands-on animal encounters help de-stress and refocus pupils during their exams. 

Frequently reported benefits from pet-therapy programs include a reduction in stress, a boost in self-esteem, improved mood, and better communication skills.

Age 5 - 14

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Learn to care about our planet
with ZooLab

With the 2021 Climate Change Conference being held in Glasgow in November, there's never been a better time to learn to care about our planet.

ZooLab Environmental Time Machine

KS2 and KS3; 
Ages 7 - 14

OVERVIEW: The ZET (Zoolab Environment Time Machine) is an interactive interface which travels long through the past and years into the future looking at climate data. What animals have become extinct animals and what problems is the planet facing?  Comparing data from different eras allows us to form a direct comparison between human behaviour and climate change. 

This year’s climate summit in Scotland is the world’s last best chance to avert climate catastrophe. By implementing change now and educating future generations can we tackle climate issues head on.


Core Topics (5 - 7 years)


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